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Bed Roller Sheet

Bed Roller Sheet
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Price: $140.00
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: MX-501W
Manufacturer: Pelican
Average Rating: Not Rated

The Bed Roller Sheet can be used to move a heavy patient up or across a bed, sit them up, turn them, and help them get out of bed without pulling the patient’s body, arms or legs, and without Carers having to lift. The Bed Roller Sheet is left under the patient’s Bed Pad, or a Draw Sheet so it is always easy to use, with minimum disturbance to the patient. It is made from a strong nylon material. It is wide enough for a patient to lie on. Webbing handles are on both sides of the Sheet around the full length, and these are used to turn or slide the patient. Use the Bed Roller Sheet - Wide Size for very tall patients when turning side to side. If moving a very wide patient up and down the bed we also recommend the wide version.

See also the Bed Slide Sheets and the Slide & Turn Sheet.

Consult your Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Back Care Specialist when using Manual Handling Products.

Washing: For a longer lifespan, wash at 65° for 45 minutes. Do not use Chlorine Bleach or Fabric Softener. We suggest using Hydrogen Peroxide or Peracetic Acid. Air dry in shade or cool tumble dry. Never place in a hot drum. Nylon fabrics can suffer with rapid changes in temperature. Increase and decrease the washing and drying temperatures in stages. Excessive heat may damage the yarn and cause shrinkage.

For infection control: Machine wash up to 80°C. making sure to increase and decrease the temperatures in stages.

For thermal disinfection, it is suggested

5 minutes @ 80°C
8 minutes @ 75°C
10 minutes @ 70°C
12 minutes @ 68°C
15 minutes @ 60°C.

Washing: Hand or machine wash only, up to 80°C. Do not tumble dry or wring - air dry only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between Bed Roller Sheet and Bed Slide Sheet?

The Bed Slide Sheets are simple pieces of rectangular material which are designed to be removed when not in use. The Bed Roller Sheets can be left under the patient (i.e. under the draw sheet), removing the need to log-roll the patient every time the sheet is used. Also, the Bed Roller Sheet allows for more manual handling techniques than the Bed Slide Sheets. The handles sewn down each side make this easier too.


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